Our Favorite Four Softball Blogs

photo: softball gearYoung baseball players (and parents of young baseball players) have no problem finding any number of great baseball blogs to follow, but young softball players (and parents of young softball players) are not necessarily afforded the same variety. Anybody involved with the Wheatland Spikes travel softball team interested in finding some great blogs touting the latest in the sport are not without their resources, however, and we are happy to share some of our favorites. For those that are serious about getting all of the most recent softball news, the following blogs have a lot to offer:

Ken Krause’s FastPitch Lane – This may be our favorite softball blog on the internet right now, if only because of Ken Krause’s tremendous resume and interesting narrative voice. As a softball coach of 20 years and the owner and lead instructor of Softball Success, Krause offers a lot of direct experience with the sport, and his blog really shows the extent of his knowledge. His blog is an extenuation of his “Krause’s Korner” column in Softball Magazine, and his commentary is thoughtful and extensive, giving softball players and families plenty to consider in the betterment of their craft.

Softball is for Girls – Softball is, in fact, for girls, but this blog is anything but “girly.” Perhaps the most vibrant softball blog in terms of its graphic design, Softball is for Girls doesn’t just cover the sport in a general and technical sense. There is a “softball as life” vibe to this blog that makes it a really fun and inspirational read. While there are some tips for the way the game is actually played, many posts center on the lifestyle that comes with the sport, and those lighthearted philosophical views on being a softball player can be helpful to readers just as much as other picks more intensive technical writing.

Softball Spot – This particular blog really is about the little things players can expand in their games to see tangible improvement out on the diamond. In providing so many hitting, pitching and speed drills, this blog offers some great ideas for coaches, trainers, and self-motivated ball players to transform into the best athletic versions of themselves. There is no shortage of posts with ideas for drills, and it is constantly updated with more of them every week.

Fastpitch TV Network Blog – Unlike the other blogs on this list, Fastpitch TV offers up the work of several different writers, giving readers some real diversity in the type of content they will pick up while visiting the website. It also is a little more organized than some of the others, allowing readers to filter content by category to hone in on exactly what type of information visitors are hoping to locate. Plus, with “TV” in the name, it should come as no surprise that the blog offers up some videos, as well, which is unique, at least in terms of the blogs listed here.

While these blogs provide a multitude of information and softball news for girls and young women interested in the sport, we always are available to answer any questions about club softball with the Wheatland Spikes. These blogs are a great reference for families in and around Naperville, IL, but do not hesitate to contact the Wheatland Spikes anytime for more information!

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