Five Tips for Offseason Softball Training and Conditioning

Photo: Training in the Off SeasonEvery year there are stories about professional athletes who, despite being on the top of their game the season before, return for training camp the next year out of shape and unable to continue performing as well as they once did. Members of the Wheatland Spikes travel softball team should strive to stay conditioned throughout the season to ensure they are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the curve. It is not easy, obviously, but it is necessary.

When it comes to softball training, there are a few steps in the offseason process that can help players stay fit throughout the offseason:

1. Get Some Rest

Before diving headfirst into a big offseason training regimen, make sure you give your body enough of an opportunity to rest from whatever bumps and bruises you suffered during the season. This does not mean loafing around and abandoning your healthy diet, but it does mean taking at least a little time to heal before pushing your body to get stronger and faster.

2. Set Goals

While you rest, it is good to consider your areas of weakness so you know exactly how to focus your offseason training. Your training schedule can revolve around fine-tuning your weaknesses or expanding upon your strengths, but having some offseason goals, including shedding some body fat, adding some muscle, or shaving some time off your speed times, is a great way to focus your workouts for the offseason.

3. Stay Fit

Make sure you continue to eat well, even when you’re not in uniform every day, and do the same basic cardio that has to date allowed you to maintain the athleticism required for playing softball at a high level. It is easy to fall out of shape during the offseason, so make sure that you stay diligent in terms of eating and working out.

4. Improve Endurance

While pitchers are the position that need the most in terms of endurance, every position on the field can afford to do some extra cardio during the offseason to keep their breath during highest-stress times of year. Interval cardio workouts are great for keeping extra wind in your lungs, but there certainly are some weight-lifting techniques that do the same.

5. Get Faster & Stronger

Running for distance is great cardio that allows athletes to stay in shape, but flexibility and sprint workouts can help softball players get quicker in short bursts of speed. Spending time in the weight room during the offseason is equally essential, and trainers with the Wheatland Spikes can help athletes come up with certain weight-lifting exercises and machines to maximize their time in the weight room.

When it comes to offseason softball training it is important to make sure you adopt a program that is well-rounded and helps you to achieve your fitness and weight goals. A little rest is great, but once you have healed what ails you, it’s time to get back to work and make sure you are better than ever for the next season.


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