Holiday Gift Guide for Softball Players

Photo: holiday gifts for softball playersWhen it comes time to celebrate the holidays, it sometimes can be challenging to find the perfect gifts for your children, especially when they eat, sleep, and breathe softball. Luckily, softball is a sport for which there are myriad opportunities to find some excellent holiday gifts for your Wheatland Spikes players.

Top Holiday Gifts for Softball Players

The following is a softball holiday gift guide for parents who are not sure what to buy their softball loving kiddos for the holidays. There’s a little something here for everybody, even for the kids who already seem to have everything the softball world has to offer.

New Bat

While this may feel especially easy, there isn’t a softball player in the world who doesn’t fall asleep at night dreaming of a bat upgrade. Since these are too pricy to purchase willy-nilly all season long, making a really good bat purchase the pièce de résistance of this year’s batch of holiday gifts is not a bad place to start.

Softball-Shaped Christmas Ornament

For those that want to go a little simpler (or a little more inexpensive), consider buying a personalized softball-shaped Christmas ornament with the player’s name and number on the globe. There are several places online that can make this happen for reasonable prices, and while it may not cost much money, it is the sort of the thing these young people could use on their own tree for the rest of their lives.

“Throw Like a Girl,” by Jennie Finch

With all that travel, a good softball book by the most recognizable softball player of all time is another great option for young athletes that love to read. While there are all kinds of great softball books a parent could get, this is perhaps the most popular among them.

Beats headphones

Also great for all those hours of travel would be a new set of high-quality headphones, and these days there is no brand of headphones young people generally prefer over Beats by Dre. These won’t come cheap, but for players that like listening to music or podcasts on the long drives to games and tournaments, these can be a lifesaver.

Softball-Themed Jewelry

Etsy is a great place to track down all sorts of great softball-themed jewelry, much of which can be personalized to feature a player’s name and number in a design that is both cute and fun. This sort of thing makes for a great stocking stuffer and doesn’t necessarily have to be a high-ticket item.

Wall Art

Depending on the state of a young person’s bedroom décor, there may be cause to distract from the mess by hanging up some softball-themed wall art. From posters to plaques to homemade home bases with the player’s name and number painted on them, there are a range of great options here for players wanting to spruce up their rooms.

There are, of course, so many other wonderful gifts for softball players, from small items like keychains to huge overtures, like a trip to the Women’s College World Series. Whatever the gift, young softball players love the prospect of the holidays, and parents can love it a little more too thanks to a softball gift guide that should make shopping incredibly easy come December.

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